Friday, 29 October 2021

31 Days of Halloween: Day 27

Another day in my month of Halloween... and the big day is getting ever closer. Today, as well as my usual story and tea, we were at the theatre!

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Rob and I were at Oldham Coliseum tonight to see The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (by Tilted Wig Productions). We really enjoyed the play. Excellent Halloween fun, and the staging and effects were impressively spectacular!

Today's Story

Today's story was 'The Question' by Stanley Ellin. This is the second Ellin story in the book, and it's an off-beat little piece about an executioner. The 'question' in question is a doozy as well.

Today's Tea

Today's tea was Victorian London Fog from Harney and Sons... one of my favourite names from all the teas this month! It's a rather nice Earl Grey (and I say that as someone who doesn't normally like Earl Grey).

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