Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Coming Soon: Wolf-Girls: Dark Tales of Teeth, Claws and Lycogyny

lycogyny, n., the assumption by women of the form and nature of wolves

New title from Hic Dragones
Wolf-Girls: Dark Tales of Teeth, Claws and Lycogyny
Edited by Hannah Kate
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 978-0-9570292-1-7
Available: 29th June 2012

Feral, vicious, fierce and lost… the she-wolf is a strange creature of the night. Attractive to some; repulsive to others, she stalks the fringes of our world as though it were her prey. She is the baddest of girls, the fatalest of femmes – but she is also the excluded,the abject, the monster.

The Wolf-Girls within these pages are mad, bad and dangerous to know. But they are also rejected and tortured, loving and loyal, avenging and triumphant. Some of them are even human…

Seventeen new tales of dark, snarling lycogyny by Nu Yang, Mary Borsellino, Lyn Lockwood, Mihaela Nicolescu, L. Lark, Jeanette Greaves, Kim Bannerman, Lynsey May, Hannah Kate, J. K. Coi, Rosie Garland, R. A. Martens, Beth Daley, Marie Cruz, Helen Cross, Andrew Quinton and Sarah Peacock.

For more information, please visit the Hic Dragones website.

Hic Dragones will be having a launch party for the book on Friday 29th June 2012. This is a free event, but places are limited. For more information, or to book a ticket, please click here.

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