Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A big thank you to everyone who helped us with the conference last week...

Ah... the She-Wolf Conference has been and gone. And what a fantastic few days it was. A lot of fascinating papers, stimulating discussions and engaging conversations. It was an absolute pleasure to host an event with such an interesting and diverse range of papers.

A quick word on some future developments... I will be continuing to run this blog as a resource for all things female werewolf - and related - issues/ideas/events. So if you come across anything of interest, please do get in touch. I'm already in the process of putting together an edited collection of essays on the female werewolf in art, literature and culture. I'll post more details of this as it happens.

For now, I'd like to offer our thanks to everyone who helped to make the conference a big success. As many of you know, we didn't receive any funding for the conference, but we were able to make it happen through the support of the following people:

Carys Crossen - conference co-organizer
Kathy Frances and Helen Taylor - conference assistants
Linda Sever - conference fringe assistant

Rosie Lugosi, Chantal Bourgault du Coudray and Tom Fletcher - our panel of writers for the Wednesday night fringe discussion

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, the Manchester Museum and Kro Bar - excellent and helpful venues that helped us to host a professional conference (despite being on a very limited budget),, The Werewolf Cafe, The F Word and - excellent websites that offered inspiration and support, and also helped to promote the conference

Juniper Manton Limited, The International Bram Stoker Film Festival, the Royal Exchange Theatre and Grimm Up North! Film Festival - who offered support and donated stationery and raffle prizes

Thanks to all of you!

The following people won prizes in our raffle:

Linda Priest - two tickets for Faustus at the Royal Exchange Theatre
Linda Sever - two tickets for the Vampire Ball at the International Bram Stoker Film Festival
Jules Grozier - a bottle of Czech absinthe


  1. I found out about this conference too late, but I'm excited to read through this blog.

    I did my MA thesis in 2008 on female werewolves in recent film and television (in the U.S.). You can read it here:

    I wish I could have made the conference. Maybe next time. :)

  2. Hiya! Yep - I've read your thesis online. And very interesting it is too. I actually tried to track down an email address for you so I could let you know about the conference, but sadly I failed. Glad you found the blog in the end though!